Thursday, 12 January 2012

HELP! Tattoo ideas.

Hey again my lovelys.

I have been wanting a tattoo for some time now but i am very unsure on what i should get but i have done tones of research into types of tattoo and i have a few ideas. And if you have any of the tattoos in the areas below then please also tell me about your expereince and pain level.

Please, please, please! tel me your opinion casue i am really wanting to get a tattoo soon.



  1. Love the first tattoo !
    I have two tattoo's one on my wrist and one on my thigh.
    For me it wasn't very painful just more uncomfortable.
    My only advice is make sure its something you love !
    Because its there forever :)
    I'm dying for a new one :)
    Hope this has helped at all !

  2. people say tattoos on your hip/back aren't too painful! hope you find your perfect design!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  3. The first and fourth are gorgeous!