Friday, 7 December 2012

How I store my make-up: Ideas

Hi lovelys,

Today I thought I would share with you how I store and display my make-up. I do Not have a lot of make-up compared to many for the beauty gurus out there but I think my collection is quite a lot to the average woman. 

On my desk is displayed my soap and glory large made-up bag (Top Left), A basic mirror from TK Maxx, The yellow stationary divider (Which I use for brushes and eye pencil things) is again from TK Maxx and  the acrylic set of 6 drawers are from Staples.  There is also my perfume collection and a wide toothed hair brush. 

Heres is just a quick snap shot of the inside of my chest of drawers which I keep other make-up bits and bobs. My make-up is divided into small plastic boxes which you can get at any supermarket or home centre.  There is a box from foundations, powders, Primers, Nails polishes, sponges, hair bobbles and lip glosses. 

Here is another picture of the yellow stationary divider which as you can see is full of beauty stuff but many my brushes.

And again another snap shoot of the set of 6 acrylic drawers from staples which are very similar to the ones kim kardashian has to store her make-up. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a great week. 



  1. Love this. Where did you get your drawers from?

    Follow back?


  2. I love the acrylic drawers! From Staples, you say? I may have to go check out the Office Depot close to me because I am not paying $300+ for the glass ones that Kim K has! Especially when yours look just the same ;p

    Love how you used the pencil organizer thing for your brushes and such!