Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul: Dainty Doll Cosmetics

I just thought I would share my first Fragrance Direct haul which also happens to be my first Dainty Doll haul while most of the products are still available and at crazy low prices.  I had been eyeing up Dainty Doll on Asos for ages constantly adding it to a basket but never hitting checkout. I just wasn't sure about the brand and to be fair it wasn't the cheapest brand going so I always opted for something safer.
For the cheeky price of £1.99 or €2.29 a pop though I couldn't pass it up. So here is what I got...

I got Two Cream  blushes at £1.99/€2.29 each

Right | Paper Roses - A gorgeous pale girly pink
Left | Orange County Girl -  Like a cream version of Nars Orgasm

I also got the two Powder blushes again only £1.99/€2.29 each

Right | My Girl - A Barbie Pink but still on the pale side
Left | You Are My Sunshine - Pretty much a dupe for Nars Orgasm

I'm incredibly pleased with my orders . There are still a lot of these things available, so pop over to Fragrance Direct here if you're looking for a bit of a bargain! 


  1. So beautiful colors.*__*
    I like your blog. Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. Thanks,for the follow,but I can't see your picture???:-(
    Lovely greets

    1. No problem. :)

      I should be right at the bottom of my blog? X

  3. These look amazing you have persuaded me to buy them. I had the sleek blush in rose gold but was smashed by a friend lending it :( its meant to be a dupe for orgasm to but dainty doll is cheaper.